Classroom Technologies

How much technology is the “right” amount?  How do we reconcile our traditional teaching practices with a digital world?  Here’s a list of common technologies available for the writing classroom and some links to help use them more effectively.

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Helping (convince) Students to Use Technology

It’s a common question: “How do I teach my students to use a technology that I don’t fully understand myself?” Or, more common still: “I use that technology all the time, but I just don’t feel comfortable teaching it.”  So here are some of the issues that arise with teaching technology, and some tips for addressing them.

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Group Projects: Online Collaboration Keeps Students Working

Online technologies allow for asynchronous, delocalized collaboration. This not only means your students can avoid those awkward group meetings where one person never shows up, but it also means that you can have direct evidence of which students are contributing the group’s efforts.

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In-Class Activities: STV 250 and Extending the Discussion

Sometimes, it’s good to be able to refer back on a previous discussion – this can not only help your students better reflect on what they’ve learned, but it can also help you use specific examples as you write teaching statements for future employment.

The technology in the STV 250 classroom offers unique opportunities for students to write records of their discussions. Plus, when discussions are shared online, students can continue the discussion beyond the classroom.  Here are some techniques and technologies I use to engage my students during class time.

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Facebook Groups: The Real-Time Discussion Board with Notifications

Fellow teachers often find it “unusual” that I would recommend Facebook as a teaching tool.  However, the factors which make Facebook such a popular (and powerful) tool for social media can also make it a highly effective means of fostering interaction among your students – so long as you mind your privacy settings.  Or, for a step-by-step guide to setting up a group, go straight to the guide: Creating Your Facebook Group.

by Ryan Edel

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