New Instructor Links


If you’re visiting this page because  you’re a new instructor for the Writing Program at Illinois State University, congrats! We’re so excited to have you! Use this page as a jumping-off point to get familiar with what you’ll be doing when you arrive.

Checklist Items for Living in Normal

Before arriving at ISU, you may want to do the following:

  • View a map of ISU to get your bearings. The Writing Program is in Stevenson Hall, which is in the southeast part of campus.
  • Check out the Uptown Normal website, which has information on local dining options. Uptown Normal is just a block or so from Stevenson Hall and is likely a place that you’ll hang out a lot.
  • Think about parking. You’ll want to visit the Office of Parking and Transportation and buy your parking pass for the semester before orientation begins. (If you don’t have time to do this, you can also park in the nearby Marriott garage at an hourly rate, whether or not you are a guest at the hotel, during orientation.)
  • Be aware of other transportation options. We have an Amtrak station a short walk (about three blocks) from Stevenson Hall (the code for that station is BNL), and Normal runs an affordable bus system.
  • International students can find more information about the things you’ll need to do while getting started at Illinois State on the International Studies Admission page.

Checklist Items for Preparing for Orientation (as well as work and school in general)

Your welcome letter, which you’ll receive via snail mail, will give you information about what you should do to prepare for orientation. But if you want to be super-prepared, consider doing the following:

  • Visit our About page and look over the Learning Outcomes and the Instructor’s Guide. In the Instructor’s Guide (which is a long document), use the table of contents to focus on the sections that pertain to your specific job.
  • Meet the team. These are the people who administrate the Writing Program. Some of them are fellow graduate students whose jobs are to help you as a Writing Program instructor, but you’ll also see us in your classes.
  • Check the blog or the calendar for the schedule for orientation. (The blog will have more detailed descriptions, but the calendar might be easier to print.) The tentative schedule should usually be posted by May. Orientation is generally held during the two weeks before classes start in August.
  • Check out the website for the Department of English website to get other information about your new intellectual home. This site includes information on assistantships and the Graduate Handbook. It also includes information on upcoming course offerings.
  • Feel free to ask additional questions on the Writing Program’s Facebook page.
  • Contact us (  if you have any other questions. We’ll be happy to hear from you!