Writing Program Mini-Grants

The Writing Program awards Mini-Grants up to $100 each to pay for materials needed for a writing program course project; the project may be initiated by an instructor or a student or group of students. In the past we have awarded mini-grants for a variety of projects: professional receptions, business dinners, and other formal events for students to practice professionalism; an Anti-Smoking Flash Mob; a research project titled “Contesting What is ‘Academic’: Researching Non-Fiction Writing”; poetry and fiction readings including “The Reading at the Coffeehouse” and “YOLO: A Night of Teen Poetry”; and a collaborative project between an English 101 class and a Theater 152 class titled “The Sacrifice Quilt Project.”

To apply for a Writing Program Mini-Grant, write and submit a proposal using the mini-grant application form (Writing Program MiniGrant Application). Successful applicants will be asked to contribute their project and relevant documents to the Writing Program archive of teaching resources.  Applicants should also consider contributing an article based on their project to the Grassroots Writing Research Journal.

For an example of a successful mini-grant application, see The Sacrifice Quilt Project cover sheet (.Mini-grant Application Cover Sheet Sacrifice Quilt) and narrative (.Mini-grant application narrative Sacrifice Quilt) .

Deadline for application in the Fall Semester: September 26 (6 weeks after the start of classes)

Deadline for application in the Spring Semester: February 20 (6 weeks after the start of classes)