ISU Writing Summit

The ISU Writing Summit is an opportunity for teachers in the Writing Program to discuss strategies for teaching ENG 101, 101.10, 113, and 145.  Current instructors will give presentations on some of the many approaches to teaching writing through a genre-based approach.


Spring 2015 Writing Program Summit:

In spring 2015 we’ll be putting together a summit that combines some of the more “discussion group” features of our Fall summit with more structured round table discussions.  We’ll also be working to put together a Library Research Event, hosted by Dane Ward, the Dean of Milner Library.

NOTE: A note on attendance at the Writing Program Summit.  All graduate teaching assistants with assignments in the Writing Program are required to attend the Writing Program Summit at the beginning of the semester.  The summits always take place on the Thursday and Friday prior to the start of the semester, so travel arrangements during breaks need to take this into account.  If some important obligation or illness requires you to miss a Summit, you should contact the writing program director, who will work with you to develop an alternate professional development plan for the semester.   NTT and Contingent faculty (including Post-Doc Appointments) are invited and encouraged to attend the Summits, and are always welcome. The date of the Summit falls outside of the employment start date for these positions, so attendance at the Summit isn’t required; however there is nevertheless an ongoing requirement for professional development for Writing Program instructors. So if you find that you can’t (or don’t want) to attend the Summit in a given semester, you can contact the Writing Program Director to discuss alternative professional development for the semester that will fall within the employment dates for your position.

Fall 2014 Writing Program Summit:

  • Fall 2014 Summit Schedule:

The Fall 2014 Writing Program Summit was held on August 14th & 15th.  As usual we provided instructors with a folder of important information and updates, which we’ve also link here.

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