Beyond 101 – Fall 2015 – Episode 3: Writing In the Circus

HOSTS: Nathan Schmidt and Annie Hackett

In this exciting episode, our new podcast hosts, Annie and Nathan, investigate how writing works in the circus. With guests from Milner Library and Gamma Phi Circus Troupe, Annie and Nathan explore a “sparkling, exciting, stupendous” range of literate activity related to the Greatest Show on earth!


Guests: Milner Library Special Collection Specialists

Maureen Brunsdale and Mark Schmitt

Start 0.54 – End 16:55 | Runtime: 16.01

Guest: Gamma Phi Circus Performer and ISU Student Hannah Sheley

Start 17:03 – End 32.44 | Runtime: 15:41

Executive Producer: David Giovagnoli

Hosting and Production: Annie Hackett and Nathan Schmidt

Technical Assistance: Frank Macarthy