The goals of the ISU Writing Program are best seen through the lens of our Grassroots Writing Research Projects.  Our aims are to investigate and share examples of writing research via the following:

  • Writing about WR (Grassroots Journal)
  • Talking about WR (Colloquium)
  • Enacting WR (Half-Mile)
  • Collecting WR (Literate Activity Database)

The Journal: Writing About Writing Research

The Grassroots Writing Research Journal is a text produced each semester by the Writing Program. It is the primary text for ENG 10. Beginning in Fall 2012, it will also serve as the primary text for ENG 145. The title of the journal reflects our aspirations—to present writing research by different authors and in a wide range of different topics, forms, and media.

The Archives provide links to previous issues.  For teaching resources, see our tab for Instructors.  To learn more about submission guidelines, see our tips for Authors.

The Colloquium: Talking About Writing Research

Every spring, the Writing Program host our annual Grassroots Writing Research Colloquium.  Graduate and undergraduate students discuss their approaches to writing research, often sharing their processes for writing previous journal articles.  The 2014 Colloquium will be held in STV 401 on Tuesday, March 4th.

The Half-Mile Project: Enacting Writing Research

The Half-Mile Project represents are latest work in inspiring writing research with and around the ISU Campus Community.

The Literate Activity Database: Collecting Writing Research

Through the literate activity database, we aim to collect examples of literate activity as a means to further investigate the social contexts of writing.