Conference on Writing Program Administration (CWPA) 2014

2014 CWPA Conference

July 13-16 CWPA Workshop ~ July 17 CWPA one-day Institutes ~ July 17-20 CWPA Conference

Illinois State University hosted the Conference for Writing Program Administrators in Summer 2014. The conference was a great success (we think!) and we’re looking forward to the 2015 conference in Boise, Idaho.  We’ve kept the conference program up on the site, in case folks who attended the conference need that information for their records.


Fall 2014 Writing Program Orientation & Fall Summit

The Fall 2014 Orientation Schedule is now available. Orientation for all new Master’s and PhD instructors begins on Thursday, Aug. 7 and runs through Wednesday, Aug. 13. In addition, the Writing Program Fall Summit is being held on Friday, Aug. 15. This event is required for all new and returning MA and PhD instructors. The schedule for the Summit and the optional work day on Thursday, Aug. 14 is now available.

Remember, you can also view upcoming events on our Calendar.

Open Source Assessment: Whose Data is it Anyway?

At the College Conference on Composition and Communication our Writing Program presented a panel on integrating data from our own research into the “daily writing research” of our program (for both students and instructors).

Activity Theory Writing Centers and the Grassroots Literate Activity Database

Data Sharing and the Creation of Writing Researchers

Assessment Data in the Classroom



ReggieNet Discussions and Discussion Forums

ReggieNet offers two tools for leading online discussions, the Discussions tool and the Discussion Forums tool.  To avoid confusion, I recommend only using one of these two tools – below, we have CTLT videos for each tool.

The Discussions tool is the one you’ll have by default.  It offers good links within ReggieNet, particularly if you’d like to use the Modules or Announcements to link to your individual discussions.  However, the Discussions tool is a pain when it comes to grading.  To grade your discussions, you first need create an item in your gradebook for each discussion, and then manually connect it to the discussion you’re grading.

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