Open Source Assessment: Whose Data is it Anyway?

At the College Conference on Composition and Communication our Writing Program presented a panel on integrating data from our own research into the “daily writing research” of our program (for both students and instructors).

Activity Theory Writing Centers and the Grassroots Literate Activity Database

Data Sharing and the Creation of Writing Researchers

Assessment Data in the Classroom



ReggieNet Discussions and Discussion Forums

ReggieNet offers two tools for leading online discussions, the Discussions tool and the Discussion Forums tool.  To avoid confusion, I recommend only using one of these two tools – below, we have CTLT videos for each tool.

The Discussions tool is the one you’ll have by default.  It offers good links within ReggieNet, particularly if you’d like to use the Modules or Announcements to link to your individual discussions.  However, the Discussions tool is a pain when it comes to grading.  To grade your discussions, you first need create an item in your gradebook for each discussion, and then manually connect it to the discussion you’re grading.

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Our Fall 2013 Writing Summit!

Hi everyone:

Here is the schedule for the 2013 Fall Writing Summit.  You’ll see that we’ve kept with our system of offering concurrent sessions in the morning and more “informational” sessions about the program in the afternoon.  Something  new this year:  An Ice Cream Social at the end of the day.

We’re looking forward to seeing all of you on Thursday, August 15th.  I’ve attached a .pdf version of the program here, for those of you who want to download:  Fall2013SummitProgram

Time Event
8:30-9:00 Breakfast

STV 133 (Writing Program Suite)

9:00-9:20 Program Update

STV 101

9:30-10:20 Concurrent Session A: RESEARCH STRATEGIES
Panel 1 Thematic Arc: Documentary Practice and Identity in the Writing Classroom

Francesco Levato and Eric Longfellow (STV 250E)

Panel 2 Realizing Rigor in the Classroom: Finding What Works for You and Your Students

Lisa Lindenfelser (STV 219)

Panel 3 Intersection: Genre and Research in English 145

Marsha Sharp (STV 220)

10:30-11:20 Concurrent Session B: DIVERSITY/GLOBAL ISSUES
Panel 1 “Stand and Deliver”: Incorporating Issues of Diversity into the Writing Classroom

Chereka Dickerson (STV 220)

Panel 2 Sensing Genre: What I Do in My Classroom

Samuel Kamara (STV 221A)

Panel 3 “What I Spit and I Write is Real”: Hip-Hop Studies in the Composition Classroom

Evan Nave (STV 219)

11:30-12:20 Concurrent Session C: GENRE ANALYSIS
Panel 1 Genre Analysis and Metacognition

Rob Rowan (STV 221A)

Panel 2 What Linguistics Brings to the Genre Studies Party

Sarah Hercula (STV 220)

Panel 3 Don Draper as God of the Universe: Genre Analysis and the Art of Advertising

Michael Wollitz (STV 219)

12:30-1:30 Lunch

Writing Program Suite

1:30-2:30 Program Coalescence Meeting

STV 101

2:30-3:30 Course Breakout Groups*

101 – STV 219

101.10 – STV 220

145 – STV 221B

3:30-4:30 Summit Feedback & Ice Cream Social

Writing Program Suite