Let’s CHAT Podcast Episode 8: Teaching Genre Awareness for Transfer

On this episode recorded November 18, 2014, writing program instructors Michael Wollitz, Cristina Sanchez, and Michelle Wright chat with  host, Thaddeus Stoklasa, about teaching genre awareness for transfer. Our panelists discuss strategies and practical application of the hows, whys, whens, and whats teaching students to incorporate non-school genres in their concept of composition.

Let’s CHAT Podcast Episode 6: Teaching Students to Be Writing Researchers

Let’s CHAT: Writing Program’s Fall 2014 Podcast Series: “Teaching Students to be Writing Researchers”
Instructors Ryan Edel, Angela Sheets, and Laura Skokan meet with Let’s CHAT host, Thaddeus Stoklasa, to talk about teaching students to be writing researchers and the importance of differentiating genre research and content research. While students might know these terms enough to cite their definitions, these instructor agree that this is not enough and probe deeply into the just how entwined genre and content research really is. Discussing genres such as teleplays, scripts, mockumentaries, Twilight films, remixes, CHAT Maps, uptake/research logs, citations and more, these instructors offer a myriad of classroom examples for helping students develop a more robust understanding of their research practices. What did you learn that you didn’t know before? Don’t miss out; this podcast explores genre research as a practical tool for uptake and transfer.

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Fall 2014 Writing Program Orientation & Fall Summit

The Fall 2014 Orientation Schedule is now available. Orientation for all new Master’s and PhD instructors begins on Thursday, Aug. 7 and runs through Wednesday, Aug. 13. In addition, the Writing Program Fall Summit is being held on Friday, Aug. 15. This event is required for all new and returning MA and PhD instructors. The schedule for the Summit and the optional work day on Thursday, Aug. 14 is now available.

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Podcast 5 – Experimental Teaching Group

Today, Chamere Poole spoke with members of the Writing Program’s Experimental Teaching Group about introducing and assessing uptake genres in the writing classroom.  Teaching Group members who took part were Elizabeth Williams (facilitator), Rob Rowan, Julie Bates, Angela Sheets, and Michelle Wright-Dottore.

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