Summer Series: Time to Get Hip for Fall

This, the last post in our Summer Series, is mostly just for fun. We’re posting a bit early this week because, well, new instructor orientation starts Thursday and things are getting busy!

The upcoming beginning of the fall semester means it’s time to break out the school clothes, revise your syllabi … and maybe start worrying about what’s hip this year? At the least, it’s sometimes helpful to know what’s cool with students. After all, use examples of things they assume teachers wouldn’t know about and they’ll pay better attention, right? So, just for fun, check out this Chronicle article on Millennials, hippies, and hipsters. And we’ll refrain from applying genre studies analyses to these categories of people … for now. :)

See you soon!

Summer Updates

We know many writing instructors look forward to taking a break during the summer months. We sure do!  But, after a few weeks off, our minds are already turning to our fall teaching. In order to feed that need for teaching-talk without being overwhelming, the Writing Program Blog will include some summer posts that remind us to re-visit good ideas about teaching first-year writing. In other words, these posts will include links to things that aren’t must-reads are challenging new ideas, but rather are chances to catch up a bit and to think about your teaching without actually having to go back to work. (Yet!)

Please let us know if there is something you’d like to see here, or if you  have something you’d like to contribute. And, watch for our first post in the summer series, which will go up on June 1. Happy Summer!

Welcome to the Program Blog

Hi there, and welcome to the Writing Program Blog! Here, you’ll find updates on Writing Program events, professional development tools, classroom resources, information on how to use technology for teaching, and more. In the right sidebar,  you’ll find some blog keywords that may be helpful in navigating the blog. You can enter your email address in the subscription box to get a quick update every time we post something new.

Please let us know if there is anything you would like to see on the blog, and happy reading!

Online Teaching and Learning

If you’re interested in Online Teaching and Learning, the CTLT has been holding a series of Brown Bag lunches on this very topic! Your last chance to get in on this good information will be noon to 12:50 p.m. on Friday, April 13, in the ITCD building (just walk straight ahead after you enter the building). If you don’t like going to these things alone and would like to meet up with someone beforehand, just drop a line to Erin at And don’t forget to bring your brown bag lunch!
Here’s the official CTLT blurb on the Brown Bag event:
Online Teaching and Learning
CTLT Facilitator: Jean-Marie Taylor
Are you already teaching online and looking for suggestions for challenges you’ve faced, or have a suggestion that you think others would find helpful? Are you thinking about teaching online and looking for some great ideas? Are you just looking for an opportunity to connect with other faculty who teach online? Each brownbag will feature 2 – 3 presenters, who will share with you a challenge they’ve faced, a solution they’ve implemented, and their next steps. We’ve planned for lots of discussion time (presentations are only expected to be about 5-10 minutes each), so there will be ample time to explore a variety of topics.