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Next Time, Fail Better

I wanted to share this commentary from the Chronicle of Higher Education “Next Time, Fail Better” By Paula M. Krebs (May 6, 2012). I think the point that Krebs makes in this article is worth noting for our own Writing Program pedagogy.  Krebs compares the way that we think (and talk) about writing in the

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The Complexity of Individual Learning

This article from the Chronicle of Higher Education includes an interview with Todd Rose that discusses the complexity of information about individual learning styles.  The article itself is short and moves into discussions of sharing data generated by large-scale learning systems like MOOcs.  But the TED talk embedded there does have relevance for our writing

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Confusion is a good thing?

This article, From Inside Higher Ed, might be an important idea for the ways that we teach some of the complicated concepts in our courses.  It talks about the idea that confusion can possibly be an important way to get students to learn:

Program Philosophy

The Illinois State University Writing Program is a progressive organization that works to directly address long-enduring attitudes about writing. With the knowledge that these attitudes are often based on misinformed perceptions of how writing knowledge is actually learned and applied, we hope to constantly question and re-think our goals as students and teachers to create an enduring

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White Papers on CHAT and Genre

This page offers links to a variety of documents design to assist instructors in developing a genre studies and cultural-historical activity theory pedagogy for writing instruction.  Some of these documents are designed primarily for instructors to use as they work to better understand and incorporate terms and concepts we use in the program. Others are

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