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Welcome to the Business Writing Camp!  Simply follow the directions in these videos to access our online tools for the camp.  If you run into any trouble filling out the forms or accessing ReggieNet, please Click Here to Contact Ryan.

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Schedule for Rick Ringer and Meghann Meeusen – Business Writing Camp

For those who will be with Rick Ringer and Meghann Meeusen, here’s more information about their Case Study Project.  And you can Read More for their schedule or download the Word document: Meeusen-Ringer Small Group Schedule.

Although common in many business courses, the case study represents a sometimes very complex and nuanced genre, and therefore students often find it a challenge to unpack how they can demonstrate their insight into the world of business through this unique kind of writing.  Our workshop session will interrogate this genre by looking closely not only at the purpose and characteristics of case studies, but also the web of cultural factors that shape the way business writing and critical thing are expressed via this text.  Participants will analyze case study writing through a variety of activities, then produce one of their own, thus preparing for future classroom and real world business writing situations.

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Schedule for Steve Taylor and Susana Rodriguez – Business Writing Camp

Here’s the schedule and Welcome from Steve Taylor and Susan Rodriguez:

Welcome! The purpose of this workshop is to help prepare you as a student for writing in your future business classes. This workshop is designed to give you an edge by helping students identify and overcome that can limit student success. We are going to help you develop “better thinking” to think outside the box by engaging critical thinking with our writing practices to make strong, persuasive arguments central to marketing business practices.

Read More for the schedule, or Download the Excel: SRodriguez_COBbootcamp_Taylor_workshop_strategy_3

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