Open Source Assessment: Whose Data is it Anyway?

At the College Conference on Composition and Communication our Writing Program presented a panel on integrating data from our own research into the “daily writing research” of our program (for both students and instructors).

Activity Theory Writing Centers and the Grassroots Literate Activity Database

Data Sharing and the Creation of Writing Researchers

Assessment Data in the Classroom



Undergraduate Writing Research Scholarship 2014-15

The Illinois State University Writing Program sponsors an undergraduate scholarship to promote research in the study of writing practices. There are TWO SCHOLARSHIPS available for the 2014-2015 academic year. Each scholarship provides a $500.00 stipend to undergraduate students at any level.  Scholarship participants will create a research study that investigates writing practices, present their research at our Writing Program’s annual Writing Research Colloquium, and compose an article for The Grassroots Writing Research Journal.

For more information and to apply, please see our 2014-15 Call for Applications!

Instructor’s Guide – Fall 2013

  • The Writing Program Instructor’s Guide offers an overview of writing program philosophies, concepts, policies and other important information. This table of contents page will allow you to download specific sections of the Guide:
  • The ENG145 Instructor’s Compendium is a collection of resources for instructors teaching ENG 145 & ENG 145.13)  2011 Compendium

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