Sample Course Plans

Because of our Open Syllabus policy, these course plans may differ significantly from the individual course plan of any particular section of a Writing Program course.  However, the course requirements and Learning Outcomes remain the same across all courses in the Writing Program

Course Requirements & Topical Outlines

Because ENG 101 and 145 are General Education courses at ISU and thus need to meet the requirements of the Illinois Articulation Initiative, there are certain aspects of the course that need to be the same across all sections. However, the ISU Writing Program and instructors have agreed that this kind of uniformity need not be achieved through a “common syllabus”. Instead, we work with a set of requirements that meet or exceed the requirements of the university and State of Illinois. Instructors have the freedom to design innovative courses that include a wide range of genres and assessment and grading methods, and work with a wide range of topics and ideas. However, each instructor must be with the overall course requirements, and be confident that the course s/he has designed meets (or exceeds) the requirements. We’ve included here a copy of the requirements and course outline for ENG 101, but we provide a similar document for instructors that teach ENG 145.

ENG 101

ENG 145 & 145.13

Quick Course Descriptions

  • English 101: Composition as Critical Inquiry – The three-hour-per-week first-year writing course. We offer four honors sections, two sections of 101 for Urban Teacher Preparation, and one section with a theater theme.
  • ENG 101 Urban Prep:  This is an ENG 101 course designed specifically for future educators.  It includes the same content as regular ENG 101 courses, but the topics focus specifically on teaching in urban settings.
  • English 101.10: Composition as Critical Inquiry – This course meets five days per week for students who may lack confidence with writing or otherwise want more time with a writing instructor. (More Information about ENG 101.10)
  • English 145: Writing in the Academic Disciplines – Introduction to research-based writing for multiple academic audiences.
  • English 145.12: Intermediate Writing In the Disciplines. This course is an intermediate level writing course offered for Presidential Scholars. It is offered only during fall semesters.
  • English 145.13: Writing for Business and Government Organizations – Introduction to research-based writing for multiple audiences. This course is for business and government students.

Learning Outcome #1

Writing Research Identity: Living and Writing in the World

Short Version: Students will be expected to demonstrate a clear understanding of their overall “writing research identity.” This includes and demonstrating an understanding of all of the following learning outcomes, as well as the ability to articulate how learning will impact their experiences with new writing, and their ability to engage in flexible thinking about how to adapt existing knowledge and gain new knowledge. Specifically, in 145 courses, a Writing Research Identity mean situating oneself within the disciplinary and workplace genres connected to your particular area of study and your ideas about career choice.

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1 ENG 145-series Learning Outcomes

Illinois State University Writing Program

Fall 2015

The Illinois State University Writing Program has developed these Learning Outcomes to explain to students what you can expect to learn when you take ENG 145 (included 145.13 and 245.12) at Illinois State. Each ENG 145 class is unique, because each ENG 145 instructor designs his or her course individually (with input from th e Writing Program); however, all of our instructors match up their courses to these Learning Outcomes, so you will encounter a similar list of terms and concepts as you work your way through the projects in the course.

The list below outlines the key activities, skills, and knowledge that you can gain in the course, but that doesn’t mean that this list of outcomes covers everything you’ll learn as a student in ENG 145. In addition, 145.13, because it focuses specific ally on genres common to academic writing in the College of Business and in workplace business settings, will apply their learning outcomes in more focused ways.

Program Assessment: In addition to the assessment of your work in your specific class, the Writing Program regularly engages in program-wide assessm ents. We use a whole range of different kinds of research and reviews of student work that help us to better understand what students are learning, and to help us improve our teac hing practices. As a student in ENG 145 during a particular semester, you may be expected to comp lete assessment work as part of the regular, graded work of your ENG 145 class.

ENG 145 (after ENG 101): If you took ENG 101 with us here at ISU, you’ll not ice that the learning outcomes are largely the same. For student who ’ve taken ENG 101 here at ISU, our expectations are that you will advance your skills in these areas, and specifically begin to apply them to the kinds of writing/communicating that happe n in your subject academic and workplace settings. For students who took a course equivalent to ENG 101 elsewhere, we’ll expect you to move into our course at an advanced level, because the types of writing you’ve been exposed to as a college student and in workplace settings are mo re advanced than students entering ISU and taking ENG 101 as first-year students.