Syd’s Session Notes – Section 2 – 2/12/2018

Hey all,


Today was pretty good, albeit quiet.


Two students were absent.


My focus for today was a light introduction to CHAT before the students started to focus on it more heavily on the subsequent week.


We started with a writing prompt where students identified objects around the room and tried to determine what went into their production.


From their responses, I segwayed into an explanation of CHAT and CHAT maps as a means of examining genre production from various angles.


I had an activity where students tried to give their best guesses as to what each CHAT lens meant, before looking up the proper definitions on Since there were seven students, distributing the seven lenses amongst them was surprisingly convenient. We compared each student’s guess to the “proper” definition with some interesting results. I was consistent in reinforcing that a student’s perception of a CHAT lens, and how they use it, was up to them and their ability to explain their choice in writing it that way.


Finally, I had an activity where students contributed to a collaborative CHAT map. Essentially, they each took the CHAT lens they defined and examined an artifact (a flier in our case) as to best break down how its production came to be through their lens. Once again, the range of responses was very interesting, and the students demonstrated a good (albeit developing) understanding of how to use CHAT.


I think this was a good session overall. It was a bit quiet, partly thanks to my own tiredness from a lack of sleep the previous night, but the students showed they were starting to grasp the concept, which is good.


Here’s to productive CHATting in the future.


  • Syd