Syd’s Session Notes – Section 2 – 2/5/2018

Hey all,



Sorry I failed to post this sooner. I had it typed up but I forgot to post it on the site. However, my delay has allowed me to see that this session was helpful for some students, based on their responses during 1-on-1s between then and now.



Today was primarily a work day. All students were in attendance, but one left midway through class due to not feeling well.


I started class with a writing prompt that got them thinking about how they were doing in their literacy narrative projects. They answered with varying levels of progress, and many of them had not started, so I determined that giving them workshop time would be most prudent.


I also checked in to ensure everyone was setting up time for a 1-on-1. By the end of class, everyone who hadn’t signed up was scheduled.


From there, class became fairly quiet as everyone began working on their literacy narrative. Everyone took their own approach to writing it, and it was enjoyable seeing what they all came up with.


Fairly good session overall. I wish all the students luck in their Unit 1 project.


  • Syd