Instructor Resources – Peer & Self Assessment: Learning to Assess What’s Working and What Isn’t Working

Students will learn to assess their own and others’ writing productions, to provide specific and accurate evidence to document the successes and problems in their writing productions, and also offer this kind of evidence-based assessment to their peers.


Learning About

PDF – Self-Assessment Handout

Description: A brief explanation of summative vs. formative assessment, as well as a pattern for using Peer & Self Assessment in an ENG 101 classroom.

What is it good for? This is a basic overview of how assessment can work in your classroom, from a handout developed for orientation.

Keywords: Assessment, Peer Assessment, Self Assessment, Formative Assessment, Summative Assessment

Author: David Giovagnoli


Student Ready

Video Playlist – Assessment Tutorial Series

Description: This series is comprised of three short videos that give a general overview of how we think about assessment at ISU. The three videos are: What is Assessment?, Intro to Peer Assessment, and The Mysterious Art of Self-Assessment.  | Runtime: 10:11

What is it good for? This is good for a basic overview of what peer and self assessment are, along with the difference between formative and summative assessment.

Keywords: Assessment, Peer Assessment, Self Assessment, Formative Assessment, Summative Assessment

Author: ISU Writing Program


Teacher Background Knowledge

Book  – Self-Assessment & Development in Writing: A Collaborative Inquiry

Description: This collection explores student self-assessment and its role in the development of writing. Chapters address both theoretical and practical issues and make connections to extend the work done by teacher evaluation of student writing, peer evaluation and in portfolios.

What is it good for? This is a broad overview of self-assessment and is an important foundational text in this area of study. It’s good if you want more background on why we have this learning objective. It also includes information on connections to peer evaluation.

Keywords: Self-Assessment

Editors: Jane Bowman Smith and Kathleen Blake Yancey


Inspiration for Teaching

Audio – Let’s CHAT – Episode 13: Peer Assessment

Description: Danielle Sutton and Jillian Merrifield share peer-assessment activities from their ENG 101 courses. Instructors will better understand what integrating peer-assessment in their course plans entails.

What is it good for? Good for getting two perspectives about 

Keywords: Peer Assessment, Peer Grading

Author: Danielle Sutton and Jillian Merrifield


ISU Teachers Create

PDF – Self-Assessment Table

Description: An example of a table design you can use with students to have them use evidence to map out their self-assessment.

What is it good for? Good as a template for designing your own self-assessment assignment. Note: this is just the beginning of such a table; a successful student example would include many more criteria and examples.

Keywords: Self Assessment

Author: David Giovagnoli

PDF – Peer Grading Handout Sutton Merrifield

Description: An example of two models of peer grading in ENG 101,

What is it good for? Good as a template for designing your model of peer grading.

Keywords: Peer Assessment, Peer Grading

Author: Danielle Sutton and Jillian Merrifield


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