Instructor Resources – Uptake and Antecedent Knowledge: Documenting Knowing and Learning

Students will be expected to document knowledge in new writing situations by clearly articulating how existing knowledge and skills have adapted and changed over the course of a new writing experience.


Learning About

Video –  Taking up Uptake

Description: A short video demonstrating uptake between friends and over a variety of contexts

What’s it good for? A casual, conversational approach to explaining the necessity and reality of uptake in daily life.

Keywords: Uptake

Author: The Word Bird


Audio – What Went Wrong? Using Uptake Genre to Teach for Transfer

Description: Graduate students talk about situating uptake for their students.

What’s it good for? A short listen to ways uptake has been negotiated with students in attempt to inspire ideas for current instructors.

Keywords: Transfer, Uptake

Author: Let’s CHAT!


Audio – Zero Points: Grading as a Piece of Writing Research Rather than Product 

Description: A quick audio clip on uptake genres and assessment.

What’s it good for? To understand what might seem to be, at the start, a radical approach to assessment. A good audio clip, not for one prescriptive way, but to broaden our minds on the potentials of the uptake assessment model.

Keywords: Uptake, Assessment

Author: Let’s CHAT!


Article – Uptake Genre Ideas to Help Students Document Learning; Some Are Even Hippy-Dippy

Description: Another short clip of graduate students talking about their uptake practices.

What’s it good for? A very specific conversation on what type of uptake documents these instructors use and why. A way for listeners to get concrete ideas and the reason behind them.

Keywords: Uptake Genres

Author:  Let’s CHAT!


Student Ready

Video – Taking up Uptake

Description: A very short video that explains uptake in our daily lives.

What’s it good for? Gives students an opportunity to see how uptake plays into our daily lives, with definitions of uptake.

Keywords: Uptake, Memory, Processing

Author: The Word Bird


Teacher Background Knowledge

Article – Capturing Individual Uptake: Toward a Disruptive Research Methodology

Description: From the abstract: “Ultimately, this article argues that a disruptive methodology can provide much needed insight into how individuals take up texts and make use of their discursive resources.”

What’s it good for? A look into the history of uptake processes, as well as a direct approach to uptake assessment in first-year composition. This article can begin immediate thinking and practice on uptake in the classroom.

Keywords: Uptake, Disruptive Methodology, Pedagogy

Author: Heather Bastian


Inspiration for Teaching

Video – Accounting For Genre Performances – Why Uptake Matters

Description: Anis Bawarshi, visiting Illinois State University in the fall of 2013, addresses ideas of uptake and genre studies. From genres as social (typified, recognizable, and consequential ways of organizing texts, activities, and social realities) to cognitive phenomena (involving phenomenologically in how we recognize, encounter, and make sense of situations), Bawarshi also focuses on a sense of the self, one’s memory of prior uptakes, as well as other affective, embodied, and material factors that make uptakes, while to some extent habitual, also momentary and unpredictable.

What’s it good for? Inspiring you to consider more than the habitual of antecedent knowledge and some vague, academic idea of uptake. Instead, the deep, hard-to-recognize aspects of antecedent knowledge, makes the opportunity and agency of uptake, once we understand how to see it, far more valuable for teachers and students, in and out of the classroom space.

Warning! Bawarshi’s affective connection to his work may induce greater appreciation for uptake and a greater ability to see it in real time in the lives of yourself and your students!

Keywords: Genre, Uptake, Antecedent Knowledge

Author: Anis Bawarshi


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