Good morning! We had a pretty short class because today was our last day of class before the Writing Program Assessment next week. After talking a little bit about the final exams people have for their classes this semester, everyone turned in their Unit 3 projects and answered a reflection/prompt about Unit 3 & the semester. From these responses, I saw that many of you commented how you have grown as a writer throughout the semester (I agree!) and how ENG 101.10 has expanded how you think about writing.

Afterwards, we chatted a little bit about the assessment that is going on next week. I also reminded everyone about the program-wide attendance policy of making sure to come to class on both Tuesday & Thursday of next week in order to avoid the letter grade penalty! We will go into specifics next week when we actually take the assessment, but the class also told me that they will not be meeting with Syd next week for consulting.

Since I like to bring in sweets on the last day of class, I also asked everyone about preferences/allergies for what I can bring in next Thursday. Cookies, doughnuts, and cinnamon buns were all suggested so we shall see next week! I passed around course evaluations, and Brandyn volunteered to collect them afterwards.

I really appreciate the hard work everyone has put into this semester! I enjoyed teaching this class a lot, and I look forward to seeing everyone next week.