Dylan Dryer – Visiting Speaker Fall 2017

The Present Future of Rhetorical Genre Studies: International Contexts and Emerging Research

Dr. Dryer’s talk reflects on the explanatory power of the rhetorical construct of genre first articulated by Miller (1984), considering current findings and ongoing difficulties in operationalizing this subtle concept. He situates this construct internationally in the four other main schools of thought on genre, and then describes some challenges to Rhetorical Genre Studies emerging from longitudinal research and recent work in the cognitive sciences.  Dr. Dryer concludes by proposing a teaching and research agenda that reframes genre as cognition and lived experiences as resources for social equity.


Dylan B. Dryer is Associate Professor of Composition Studies at the University of Maine. His work is increasingly focused on valid, reliable, and just research methods in Writing Studies. Graduate and postgraduate research-methods pedagogy and the responsible integration of qualitative and quantitative methods remain particular interests.