Good morning! Today we started off class by chatting about what we did over break, including how a lot of us went to Chicago! We talked about and filled out Consent Forms for the Writing Program Assessment. I also reminded the class about how the Unit 3 project is due on Thursday (11/30).

To kick off Peer Review, everyone answered the following question for their writing prompt: “Reflect on your GWRJ article at this point. What do you want from your peer review feedback/what questions do you have for your partners about your article?” I encouraged the class to use this writing prompt as a guide for Peer Review today in addition to the worksheet.

After passing out the worksheet, I pulled up a slide with instructions on Peer Review. Since I wanted to change up what groups everyone usually works in, I already randomly put everyone into groups of 3-4 people and put up the group names on the slide. Once everyone got into their assigned groups, I reminded everyone that once they got feedback from at least two of their peers then they can start working on revisions/Project Analysis.

The rest of class time today was spent on Peer Review, and I circulated around the room to answer questions. There were a lot of questions about the Writing Program Assessment next week, so I told everyone that I would post an announcement on Reggienet about it as well as discuss it on Thursday!