11/28/17 – The End in Sight

Following the recording of attendance, we ran down a schedule for the last three weeks of the semester: student evals on Thursday, Major Experiment #3 due Friday 5pm, Writing Program assessment next week, Daybook #4 due the Friday the 8th, and the optional online final exam due by 9:50am on Wednesday the 13th.  A few admin-type questions about grades and whatnot were fielded.

Students were then asked to share their gmail addresses with the instructor (using the assignment tool) so he could add them as co-editors of Debunkd! the website that will house all the objects of production for Major Experiment #3: https://sites.google.com/view/debunkd/home.

The instructor then handed out the consent forms for the assessment and read the accompanying sheet.  He fielded a few questions about the process, then collected the forms.

Then we watched a brief but not very good youtube video about mind maps (I had a better one in past classes but couldn’t find the darn thing this morning).  The students then read and discussed a handout covering seven steps for good mind maps.  We then spent about 20 minutes making mind maps covering the entirety of Eng101a10.

The last 20 minutes of class were devoted to work on Major Experiment #3.

Peace out.