Monday, November 27

Hello all!

Welcome back from break–today we did our Wikipedia activity to better understand the process of composing an uptake reflection. Basically, I went to a random article on Wikipedia and you were tasked with getting to that page with your groups with the following caveats: You could only click on one link per page, you weren’t allowed to type anything, and you were unable to click back a page (commitment to choices!)

As you did this, you kept a record of the pages that you went to (documenting the trajectory of your research) and you ended the exercise by reflecting on your research choices and how they were informed by your antecedent knowledge: how, for example, did you get from (in the case of one group) a Croatian football player to a small church in Wisconsin? We then looked at how the exercise emulated the research process–sometimes we start with too vague and open a topic and need to narrow our focus, whereas other times our research begins with too specific a subject and we need to think divergently, broadening our scope to allow a larger picture to shape.

It seemed like everyone was getting it, though I’m saddened that we had two group that didn’t manage to get to the target Wikipedia page (guess the perfect class record is broken . . . quel dommage). Remember that Unit 3 is due next class–as per usual, all submissions will be uploaded into the dropbox on ReggieNet.

We’re almost through the semester, so stay the course and keep on keeping on.