11/10:: Sections 20 & 21 :: Notes- Munira

This week we did some discussion along with group activity, as they had their upcoming projects to work on. We started by discussing if they had picked a genre for their research yet, and how far they progressed in that. Since they are required to do research and gather resource materials to use/cite in their papers, we again talked about different research materials, the significance of finding credible materials and citing them. After that, we moved to the activity of that week. I asked each of them the names of the last movie/TV show they watched, and wrote them on the board, creating a list.

Then I divided the class into groups and asked the groups to pick one movie/ show from the generated list and do a CHAT map, but not in the circular diagram format that we usually follow. They could use whichever format they liked as long as it served the purpose. Most of them seemed to use the bullet points format, and while they did generate nice ideas for the map, I realized from the activity that they always seem more interested in doing bullet points because probably that seems more convenient to them? I may provide them a list of formats options the next we’re doing CHAT maps.