11-16-17 – genre research & remediation

Following the recording of attendance the class worked individually on genre research for their final Major Experiment.  After about 20 minutes of such work, they switched seats and gathered data on the research of their peers.  This process was repeated so that everyone read and recorded the work of two of their colleagues.  We then briefly discussed as a class any cool moves or ideas they could borrow from their peers.

The rest of the period was devoted to work on the remediation analysis deliverable.  We investigated the differences among 4 different remediations of Spider-Man: the original Lee/Ditko comics, the 1967 animated television series, the 1970’s shorts appearing in The Electric Company, and the comic book series Spidey Super Stories.  This was followed by a discussion of the necessary components of a successful remediation analysis.

Have a good break, everybody!