Wednesday, November 15

Hello all!

Today we started with the Holdsworth article and focused specifically on the reception and representation of texts. From there we shifted our focus to resumes; an unlikely comparison, toilet talks and resumes, but remember that it’s important always to be mindful of how texts are represented and received. This is, of course, a critically important aspect of writing resumes.

We reviewed the Career Center’s website and deconstructed the conventions of a resume (luckily, it looks like many of you already have experience with this genre!) We then spent the remainder of the class working on Unit 3. For those of you who already have a completed resume, you were able to work on your project proposal.

Some of you have already contacted me about your projects, which is great! Remember to schedule your meetings with Nina, as time is quickly running out. Also, do make sure to keep working on your projects–everything is due Wednesday, November 29.

Have a safe, restful break.