11-14-17 – grades, man, what can you do?

Today was a bit of a low point in the class.  Grades were back on Major Experiment #2 and many people were not happy with the results.  The instructor offered some passing remarks on trends in the projects, common stumbling blocks that cost people points.  He then encouraged the students to read his remarks and the rubric and put together a case for a better grade, if they were so inclined.  He also noted that–no matter how bad the Experiment #2 grade was–anyone who handed in all the assignments and came to class would still have a chance to get an A in the class, provided they finish the semester strong.  (That would involve a good showing on the last two assignments, good self-selected activities scores, and not missing the final week of classes.)  We then spent considerable time reviewing the purpose and function of several of the experiment deliverables.  The last twenty minutes of class were devoted to open lab time for students to do genre research, during which time the instructor wrote this post.  We’ll share the results of that genre research next class period.