Syd’s Session Notes – Section 14 – 11/13/17

Hey all,

Today’s session went fairly well, though it deviated from my intended plan.


Five students were absent. One arrived late.


My initial idea was for the students to participate in an activity where they’d try to create their intro paragraph. However, when I asked them how they felt about the directions of their articles – specifically, how confident they felt about integrating CHAT and/or genre analysis terms – they all stated that they were unsure. Realizing this, I asked whether they’d prefer to work at their own pace in getting their article started, and they said yes.


From there, the students spent the period working on their articles while I answered their questions. I encouraged them to think about how they’d involve CHAT/genre analysis in their piece. In the last 5 minutes of class, I asked whether they felt they’d developed their ideas any further, and found that all of them had a better idea of what they’d do for their article. The only area I noticed where they still seemed less confident was in integrating CHAT and genre analysis, but with the understandings they have of their respective topics, I think they’ll be able to figure something out.


  • Syd