The theme of the week was reading & writing and our linguistic identities. After talking about Khor’s article about hybrid notes and how to deal with dense readings, we discussed first what kind of texts we read in high school and college and how to approach them to make the most sense out of them. Then, we watched a short video on ‘map of one’s identity’  where our origins, age, gender and school life affects our language and thus linguistic identity is ‘mapped’ using symbols, drawings and phrases etc. Then, I asked them to draw or show their own linguistic identity as they engage in different reading and writing activities, which confused them a little bit so I drew my own on the board: how I read academic articles with coffee, or by using dictionaries or talking to other people or checking social media during breaks etc. After they finished drawing, some of them shared what they did and what every thing they drew represented. Then, we finished with the forum post in which they responded to the prompt:

  • Thinking about where you are coming from (educational and/personal life) and where you are now, your gender, age and school experiences, describe your linguistic identity in relation to reading and writing activities you engage in.