11/10 Notes -Nina

Hellooooooo! Finally the weekend is here! Are you psyched?

This week’s topic was (a little bit more) discourse community and our majors & fields.

We started our class with writing prompts: Q1. What was your childhood dream that is most memorable to you? What made you want to achieve that dream? If you don’t pursue that dream anymore, can you think of a reason why? Q2. Write about any career (or a career field) in mind that you would like to see yourself pursuing in the future. If you don’t have any in mind, (which is 100% O.K.!!!) write about activities that you enjoy doing or you are good at! Can those activities be something you could pursue your career in?

And then we moved on to our activity of the day. We looked at the samples of resume on the career center website and list out the conventions together. After discussing the conventions, students worked on making their own resumes, incorporating the conventions.

All in all, it was a good opportunity to think about some big picture ideas for our future!