11/9/17 – Four Moves & a Habit

After attendance the class discussed the venue for the objects of production in our final experiment.  We decided on Google Sites as the best option.  The instructor is to explore the interface and make the bare-bones site by next class session.

Most of the class was devoted to learning and practicing the research skills (“four moves and a habit”) from Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers.  Five small groups each investigated an online news story to try to verify or debunk it.  Turns out that the Pope has not declared war, the Pentagon has not declared the end of American global supremacy, and Taylor Swift is not a nazi, but the Commerce Secretary does have ties to Russian business and Facebook really does want you to send them nudes.

Some general questions were fielded regarding the final major experiment.  We ended a little early but the instructor is not feeling well and his wife only allowed him to go to work on promise of taking it a little easy.