Wednesday, November 8

Hello all,

Today we reviewed the Velez article and discussed research methodologies for ubiquitous genres. To that end, we focused on reception (when genres, such as chalk creations, are so common how can we be certain that people are actually engaging with them, as opposed to looking without really seeing?)

We then finished part three of the occupation activity from Monday. The instructions were as follows:

  1. Look at the course catalog for your major and identify two classes at each level of your plan of study (two 100-level courses, two 200-level, etc.)
  2. Explain what these classes are, and how they function in relation to the career trajectory you identified for your field of study on Monday.
  3. You then reflected on what skills (content and genre related) you still need to cultivate in order to be successful within the discourse community of your major.

Finally, I had you go on an adventure (well, maybe not really) on the website to identify two potential clubs, student organizations, or internships within your field that would strengthen your credentials and ethos within your discourse community. Remember that part of this project is getting you to think about the academic and workplace genres that exist within your discipline; our university website is one such text that you should acquire a working knowledge of, especially as a means to become literate in the mechanics of your field of study.

All in all, we did a lot today! I’ll see everyone on Monday.