Syd’s Session Notes – Section 15 – 11/8/2017

Hey everyone,


One student was absent.


Today went mostly the same as S14 11/6/2017.


Once again, we started with a writing prompt in which the students identified literate activities which feature introductory sections. I got some great responses, ranging from cover pages of cookbooks to driver’s ed manuals to job applications. All of which enabled me to move discussion forward into discussing introductory sections and audience.


From there, I discussed how intro sections in GW articles can be used to introduce the tone, topic, and overall argument/discussion of the article. I introduced our first major activity, in which the students sought out GW articles and read through them with a focus on their intros. They answered 5 questions (as many as they were able to) until 9:35, when we reconvened.


After we reconvened, we had our discussion of each student’s answers. The students answered more of the individual questions this time. The reason was probably because I had them answer each question in a minimum of 2 sentences, whereas last time, it was 3 sentences. As such, we were able to discuss upwards of 4 questions with each student, and the discussion proved incredibly fruitful. However, it also took us to the end of class, so the students weren’t able to work on their intros for a few minutes.


Ultimately, I think this was still  a pretty decent session overall, and the students have become very effective at locating information and examples within GW articles. I look forward to giving the students more time to work on their intros (and their articles as a whole) next week.


  • Syd