11/7/2017 Section 2

In order to keep things fair, today was competition day for Section 2! Their annotated bibliography is due on Monday so we focused on research instead of CHAT or conventions. They split into groups and were given a sort of research scavenger hunt where they had to find various genres of potential sources for whatever group member’s GWRJ topic they chose to focus on. They then had to cite those resources in MLA and explain in a few sentences why it might be useful. They also elected one group member to take notes detailing each step of the research process. We were a little distraught about the website not working for registration so we took some time out of class to try to register and vent our frustration. Everyone who was present received 3 bonus points and we had a large group discussion about how to use various databases and how to determine if our research was credible and relevant to our topics.