Syd’s Session Notes – Section 14 – 11/6/17

Hey all,

Today’s session went fairly well.


Three students were absent. Two arrived late.


We started off with a writing prompt in which the students attempted to find a literate activity containing an introductory section of some kind. They were to name that activity, describe what its intro “introduces,” and how that intro does its intended work.


I received several good answers on this prompt and encouraged students to dig and discuss the “function” of the intro as best they could. I was able to translate this discussion into a brief lecture on the use of tone to introduce audience to one’s work.


After that, we did an activity where the students looked up Grassroots articles and read through them for about 10 minutes, while trying to identify how tone, topic, and the general “thesis” were alluded to in the introductory section. They were also to try and find examples of the introductory paragraph connecting to the body text in some way.


Ultimately, we lacked sufficient time for a detailed discussion of everything in the last activity. The students did not answer the questions related to finding examples of the introductory paragraph working within the body text, though they did have many good points about how it functioned to introduce tone and topic.


I think this session went nicely overall, when it came to getting students thinking about the value of the intro paragraph to constructing their argument. I think I should’ve focused more on how their intro paragraph interfaces with their audience, however – this may be an avenue for me to explore next week. Nonetheless, I got through everything I wanted to, and the students seem to be getting closer to finding definitive topics. I think that one more discussion of audience, with questions focused on how audiences can be corralled by one’s writing, might be what they need to get started. I will keep this in mind as an option for next week.


  • Syd