Monday, November 6

Hello all!

Today we started with the Hackett and Giovagnoli article and continued our discussion on discourse communities, using Alex O’Brien’s experiences as a Registered Nurse to start the discussion. As mentioned in class, Unit 3 will focus on professional genres, as well as genres encountered within our respective majors.

To get us thinking about the trajectory of our professional goals, we did a career analysis using the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s Occupational Outlook Handbook ( It looks like many of you were able to find good information to understand your ideal career options better (sadly, it looks like my dreams of becoming a famous illustrator in the rural Midwest will remain unfulfilled–but that’s OK! Part of the reason we did the assignment was for you to see what options are available within your fields of study).

Remember to bring the assignment with you to class on Wednesday, as we’ll finish up part 3 then.