11/3 – Nina (sec 11,12)

This week we were introduced with the concept of discourse community. As usual, we started our class with writing prompts that could help us understand more about discourse community. The writing prompt questions were:

  • The semester is getting towards the end (well, almost!). What was most stressful during this semester and how are you coping with your stress right now? (Your consultant – Binge watching Netflix.)
  • What is a “Discourse Community”? What kinds of discourse communities do you think you belong to? (including outside of school)
  • A generation is a type of discourse community. Each discourse communities have certain language norms and practices. Write about a moment(s) when you’ve had a struggle or challenge in communication with your family member from a different generation (i.e. your parents, older/younger siblings, grandparents, uncles, etc.).

After discussing the prompt questions, we moved on to our next activity which was 16 personalities test! We took time to take the test and reflected on our results. Then we discussed what kind of personality traits that we relate to and not, and how certain traits could be advantageous for our chosen major and the career field that we would like to see ourselves in.

All and all, it was a good opportunity to think about where we are in the world!