We started off class with talking about how much we can’t wait for Thanksgiving Break and with our writing prompt: “List some topic ideas for your GWRJ article.” After five minutes of writing, I told the class to hold onto their writing prompts because we would add onto them later.

Since we read the Purdue OWL guide for primary research methods, we did an activity about primary research. I asked the class if they remembered what primary research methods are, and Willie talked about how they include interviews, observations, surveys, etc. We then differentiated between primary and secondary research by clarifying how primary research is research that we gather ourselves while secondary research is research that has already been conducted (i.e. referring to articles on the Milner databases).

I passed out a worksheet with our activity and asked the class to get into partners. The directions for the activity were to “answer the following questions about the Grassroots articles you and your partner picked as your favorite ones by looking at the types of research done in both articles.” The worksheet asked each group to answer the following questions about their favorite GWRJ articles: 1) What kind of research did the author of this Grassroots article do (i.e. observations, interviews, research from other articles, etc.)? List all of the research methods here. 2) Which of the research methods from question #1 would be considered primary research? Which methods would be considered secondary research? Why? I emphasized how this activity will familiarize ourselves with the research methods used in a bunch of different articles we’ve read so far, similar to what we’ve done last week. I also reminded the class to refer back to Purdue OWL Primary Research Guide as they work on the activity.

After about 10 minutes, we reconvened as a class and discussed our findings. As each group mentioned different research methods, I typed them out on a Word doc through the projector so that we could see primary research methods vs. secondary research methods. I reminded the class how since Grassroots articles utilize a mix of both primary and secondary research, it is important to start considering what types of research methods to use for our articles. After some groups shared and we discussed the various research methods used by GWRJ articles, I had the class refer back to their writing prompts from the beginning of class. I had everyone add onto their prompts by answering the question–“What are some kinds of primary research methods you might implement as you create your own article?” After five minutes of writing, everyone turned in their prompts. I told the class that I will provide feedback on their topic ideas/research method ideas on their prompts.

Then, we looked at the Unit 3 assignment sheet and discussed the project in detail. I emphasized how everyone’s GWRJ article has to be grounded in some type of writing, and how publishing their article is completely optional. I also passed back everyone’s Unit 2 projects, which were excellent! At the end of class, I previewed our next class and talked about how we will be doing topic proposals as well as looking at more examples of GWRJ articles.