Coletta_10/30 and 11/1


Journal- what job do you anticipate having in the future and what types of writing are involved?

Discuss answers

Go over GWRJ assignment sheet – students must align their articles with their future careers by either interviewing someone in their field about a literate activity or doing a genre analysis based article about a type of writing they will encounter in the future – students read assignment sheet, discussed with partner, then came back as whole group to address questions and concerns

Start list of GWRJ genre conventions

Read “Publishing with GWRJ” individually – discuss in small groups

Continue list of conventions

Talk about research questions – watch brief YT video on how to write good research questions


Journal- brainstorm plan for article

Discuss homework article (Kroonblawd from current issue) and how it relates to the conventions discussed on Monday

In groups, research genre of abstracts + begin working on them (due Monday)

Continue work on research questions if needed