Today I introduced myself briefly to start the clas.

I took attendance with the following question: Would you rather have a pencil sharpening nose or a ketchup dispensing belly button? As you all answered, I tried to learn your names–and failed.

We then did an icebreaker to learn more about each other. I started the icebreaker with information about myself.

We did a quick introduction to genre studies by demonstrating that you all have implicit genre knowledge by having you all note the conventions, or rules, of a western movie that you remember despite not having seen a western. I also gave the example of a tweet.

After that, I told you all to get into groups of three and each group was assigned 2 pages of the syllabus. You were told to highlight in blue anything you felt was important and to highlight in yellow anything you thought was confusing. After you did this in your groups, we compiled a list of them all by going round-robin from group to group. I also gave you all the chance to ask about the passages that were green as a result of the overlap as those indicate important points of confusion.

I also handed out index cards so that you all would write music you want on the class playlist and an attendance question for a future class.

Afterwards, I had you all log on to the regginet and enter the forums. Under daily reactions on my laptop, I entered in today’s dates and asked you all to list off what topics we discussed/what we did in the class. I posted this list to the description of the first topic in the Daily Reactions forum and explained that we’d be doing this at the end of each class to document your learning. You may answer with a sentence, an emoji, a gif, a picture, anything so long as it’s appropriate. I want your honest reaction to what we are doing. These reactions may help you with future assignments that require you to document your learning, so take them seriously (also for participation purposes).

HW: Read the syllabus thoroughly as you will have a syllabus quiz on Wednesday.