Writing Program Townhall Assessment Meeting

Date of Upcoming Townhall:

Friday – April 14, 2017


3 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Townhall Details:

The ISU Writing Program is excited to announce our plans for a Fall 2017 Program Assessment. It has been four years since our last program-wide assessment, and many new developments have occurred since then. All Writing Program instructors and their students will be taking part in this assessment. We aren’t planning to use the data to rank or specifically evaluate your performance. Rather, our goal is to get a better sense of the varied and rigorous work being done by our instructors and students, as well as a better understanding of any patterns in teaching and learning that this assessment might reveal. Our plan is to discuss the design choices and goals for the assessment with all writing program instructors at this Townhall.

Who Must Attend?

All writing program instructors (ENG 101, 101.10, 145, and 145.13) are expected to attend – unless you teach during this time – as we wish to receive feedback on our plans as we enter the final stages of designing the assessment.