Feb. 24, 2017

We started today by making sure every student had signed up for a one-on-one for the unit 2 project. Then I had students do a short freewrite on the class so far – if they felt like they were understanding concepts, if they were comfortable with their peers, if there was anything in particular that was/was not working for them in terms of learning. Because many of the students in class are already familiar with the material, consulting sessions have been a bit strange because there’s only so much we can do without feeling like we’re beating a dead horse. I asked the students if there was anything they thought I could be doing to help them better than I am. I will use the students’ responses to alter my methods, if necessary.

After the freewrite, students spent some time working on their proposals, which are due Monday (3 days from now). They already have feedback from Cory on a draft, so they are taking that and editing accordingly. The first draft of the genre reproduction is due March 8th!