Week 6!

Week 6 has been… a week.

On Tuesday, we stepped out of our little ISU bubble and jumped into the Unit 2 project. We watched the TED talk called “The Danger of a Single Story” and followed it with a discussion about essentialism and stereotypes. We’ve all been in a situation where someone has hurtfully and incorrectly assumed something about us based on one thing they thought they knew about us. We, too, are probably guilty of doing that, as well – we’ve assumed things about people we probably shouldn’t have based on a tiny perception we thought was true. We talked about how unfair this kind of thinking is for everyone. We can’t limit people’s humanity that way. We also talked about the concept of “ignorance” and how it’s usually seen as being a bad thing. There’s a difference between actually being ignorant (simply unknowing) and choosing to be ignorant (refusing the truth, refusing facts in order to keep offensive, dehumanizing belief). It’s not inherently bad to be ignorant – as long as you are always willing to learn and hear multiple stories.

This transitioned into talking about the second big project for the semester. Students will be choosing a worldly, multicultural issue and writing a blog post to examine the issue from numerous perspectives. We pulled up the Unit 2 Project sheet and talked through the assignment in detail.

Thursday was spent practicing Uptake Charts. For the unit 2 project, each student will have to fill out an uptake chart for the genre of a blog. After going over the basic structure of the uptake chart and looking at an example, students broke up into groups of four and worked on an uptake chart for a digital genre of their choosing. I will provide students with feedback on these charts so they can get a sense of what they will need for their own projects.

Next week, we’ll keep pushing forward to practice skills needed for project 2!

Note: Project 2 assignment sheet, uptake chart activity, etc can be found linked on the course calendar and in ReggieNet resources.