The end of Week 5

This week officially ended Unit 1 (with the turning-in of the first project on Sunday) and began Unit 2. (Note: please allow 2-3 weeks for me to grade them – it usually takes about 40 minutes, per project). We started the week with a debriefing of the unit 1 – we talked about genre in general and the ways different genres have influence in the world, in the actions of people — and how they are literally everywhere. Students shared experiences they went through while completing the project, and by the end, could agree that they felt they understood things a lot better having finished the project.

To start off unit 2, Students read Joyce Walker’s “Just CHATting” article and the Kostecki articleon CHAT. This introduction allowed them to dip their toes in the ~raging waters~ of CHAT. After a reading quiz and a short group conversation to gauge initial undersstanding, I lectured briefly about CHAT (What does Cultural-Historical Activity Theory mean anyway??) and as we went through the 7 CHATegories, we did a full-class CHAT analysis on the board on the same Tweets I used to introduce genre a few weeks ago.

Then, students were set free to work on their own CHAT maps in small groups on genres chosen from Su Yin’s famous “bag of genres.” At the end of the period, students did mini-presentations and told each other abut the genres they analyzed.


Note: As always, be sure you’re checking the Course Calendar for the day-to-day, and the links to all the documents you need!