Today was a productive day. We started with a general discussion about school and how it’s going, then transitioned into talking about 101.10 specifically. What is the day-to-day like for them? How do they feel in the space? What challenges are they facing? What can I be doing to help them more? Things like that.

Then I had the students pull up the one-on-one scheduling doc (linked on ReggieNet under Resources—>Consulting/Study Group Resources) and gave them a few minutes to consider their schedules and sign up for a time to meet with me. After that, we transitioned to talking about the second project. I had students explain to me in their own words what they had to do for this project – what the main parts of it were, and generally, what needed to be in those different parts.

Proposals are due 27 February, so we went through that in more detail. They did a little bit of this in class the other day, so we were reiterating what was expected of them. We talked about what should be included in the proposal, how long it should be, and when it is due. (See below)

For the last few minutes, students worked to brainstorm genres they would want to do, and began drafts of their proposals.


The Proposal:

  • 350-750 Words
  • 27th Feb = Due Date

⅓ —> Introduction

  • Background (genre’s background)
  • Define the genre and its purpose
  • How you understand it

⅓ —> Thesis and Approach

  • Steps you’ll take to complete the project
  • How are you going to research the thing? (Google, library, etc??)  Why are you doing it that way?
  • What will you this time that you didn’t do last time?
  • What skills you could use? (Skills you learned in the first project that can apply here)

⅓ —> “Self-Eval”-ish part

  • Why this topic matters
  • Why you chose it (over other genres, etc).
  • What you hope to learn from the project/process