January 27, 2017


Today in consulting, we did a number of things.

First, I had the students pull up the scheduler for one-on-one meetings and schedule their meetings with me if they hadn’t done so already.

Then we had a discussion about their impression of the first project. I asked them to explain the project to me as they understood it, and together, we worked to get a better sense of what was expected of them. We reviewed basic terms from the class so far (genre, conventions,etc), and made sure students felt semi-confident with the ideas.

Then we did a genre activity with the bizarre ISU genre of toilet talks. Here are those directions.

  • Go to http://wellness.illinoisstate.edu/living/toilet/
  • Peruse Toilet Talk archive for 5-7 minutes by yourself/small groups
  • Try to come up with a convention list for the genre of the Toilet Talk by comparing similarities/differences between examples
  • Come together and list on the board conventions of Toilet Talks
  • Consider the following questions, too:
    • Who writes/composes it? (Specific characteristics/attributes)
    • Who reads/interacts with it? (Intended audience vs unintended?)
    • What is its purpose and function?
    • What is up with the location??
  • Create your own in a small group! (Make sure you adhere to the genre conventions!)
    • Try to have fun?


Students didn’t finish creating their own, but we will continue working next week and then wrap up the activity.