January 26, 2017

Today, after our freewrite, we talked briefly about the mini freewriting prompt assignment students must do at one point in the semester. For this assignment, they will be required to come up with a prompt that they and their peers will write on at the beginning of class. It’s a low-stakes assignment – an easy way to earn some points – as long as students remember to do it. There is a schedule on the handout sheet, which can be accessed from ReggieNet or the course calendar.

We talked briefly about a short assignment they had due today, where they reflected over how the class was going so far. We talked again about their basic understandings of concepts we have gone over and how they feel, emotionally in this space (are they comfortable, is it an environment they can learn in, etc).

Then, I introduced the first unit project of the semester (also available on ReggieNet and the course calendar). This project with jumpstart students’ journey into developing their writing researcher identities by choosing a space to observe and analyzing how the genres in the space work and how people interact with those genres. From those observations, students will then conceptualize a new genre that could “work” in the space. Details of the project, again, can be found on ReggieNet.

After answering questions students had, I gave them time to look at “A” examples from last semester and think about the locations they wanted to observe. Then I had them start their proposal (which is due Saturday, the 28th, by midnight). Currently, the tentative due date for the project is Feb. 12 – but that is subject to change.