January 24, 2017


Today was a great day. We started class as we always do, with freewriting, and after a bit of sharing (and people actually shared) we did some quick review on the terms we learned on Thursday.

We talked about genre (a kind of production that it is possible to identify by understanding the conventions or features that make that production recognizable) and conventions (those specific characteristics/features of a genre that make it recognizable). After reiterating some of the examples we talked about on Thursday, I asked the students if they had noticed any other genres around them since learning about the concept. A few had, but most, not. We’ll work on that.

Then we transitioned into discussing the article they read for today (Sydney’s 7.2 article on chalk advertisements) – after having a quick pop quiz on the reading. (Warning: DO THE READING. More of these will likely come.). From the article, I asked the students to pull out the genre she was writing about and some of the conventions she discussed. We talked about purpose behind writing and how chalking is a pretty effective advertising method given the audience trying to be reached.

We also used Sydney’s article to begin talking about the concept of being a Writing Researcher. Developing writing researcher identities is learning outcome 1 in 101 – so we talked a bit about what that meant. To some extent, part being a writing researcher is being aware of and making note of the ways that people interact with genres in the “real world”. We used Syndey’s mini-experiment as an example of this, and I mentioned that their unit 1 project, which will be introduced on Thursday, has them starting to do this.

Then we moved downstairs to 128 to do the “big circle running icebreaker” – since we didn’t have a chance to do it last week. We got to know each other a bit better and had fun doing it.