Intro to Genres (Week 2)

This week the students were given their first major assignment for the semester, “Discovering a Genre.” The students must select a type of text that is used in their majors or a profession that they are interested in pursuing, and they have to perform a genre analysis of that type of text, using three different examples of one genre. Then the students must write a reflection/uptake piece that describes their research/learning process.

In class this week, we spent the majority of our time talking about genres. We came up with a classroom definition, and we applied that definition to movies, music, and written documents. We started with films and the students worked in groups to ID the generic conventions of movie genres (e.g., horror, comedy, action, and drama). Additionally, the groups had to ID the audience and audience expectations of each movie genre. From there, we also applied our genre discussions to music, and we started looking at how the lines separating different genres can be blurred. We also circled back and applied this concept to the movies we had been discussing. Finally, we started thinking of written genres and why the ability to analyze the generic conventions of a text is an invaluable tool for a writer.

Next week, the students will have read Jordana Hall’s and Michael Soares’s GWRJ articles, and we will talk about how these two texts could be used as models for the students to reference for their first project.