January 19, 2017


After Tuesday’s class, which was full of introductions and exciting syllabus reading, today, we dove into ENG 101 head first.

We began the class by going over expectations for the freewriting notebook assignment (the handout can be found on ReggieNet under Resources). Then we did a little freewriting. The second prompt dealt with individual identities and the kinds of literate activities each person engages in while existing as that identity (if that makes sense).

From there, we moved onto briefly discussing the Snodgrass article (general consensus: “it was weird”). And THEN I threw some genres at them without telling them what they were (What is this? A Tweet! How do you know? The profile image, the retweet button, the star, the 140 characters, etc. What is this? A business card! How do you know? The size, the cardstock, the info on it, etc) From there, I explained that the business card and the tweets were examples of two different genres, or pieces of writing (and sometimes not just writing) that are identifiable and distinguishable from other pieces of writing (and sometimes not just writing) because of certain characteristics or features (format, size, material, etc). These characteristics/features are called conventions.

From this, students were asked to look around the room and see if they could find any other genres – (they did! A flier! A sign!), and we talked about the conventions of those genres. Then, we went back to the Snodgrass article and the students were asked to identify the genre that it was written in (obituary!) and how they knew (image of deceased, time and place of death, bio info, etc).

All in all, students seem to have a good beginning grasp on genre. We’ll work on it more in the future!