12/5: Memes and Beatles

Good morning!

For our last writing prompt (sob!), I asked you to tell me which of the three units was your favorite and why. Your answers will help me as I plan my classes for next semester.

We then looked at the genre of memes and talked about what had to be included for something to be considered a meme. You then spent some time searching for humorous memes and you emailed me your favorites. (Long live Evil Kermit.) I shared them with the class, and we talked about how genres are always changing. Memes today don’t have to have the big white letters above and below the picture. (Like my daughter says, my definition of a meme is “so 2006.”)

We then wavered a little off topic with a “baking soda” video and a Spotify/Pandora/Youtube discussion–which one is the best way to introduce the class to The Beatles? (I think next semester I will go with the Youtube playlists.) It seems like you all now know the names of the four Beatles (we don’t count the fifth one, Khamari), and that’s a very good thing for your cultural knowledge bank.

Since we were missing three people from our small class, we decided to do class evaluations on Wednesday (our very last day!). Your Unit #3 Packets and your writing prompt reflection will also be due Wednesday.

See you then!