Ethan Kelly 11/30/2016

Like most days, we started off with a writing activity. I told the students to focus on some of the high and low points of their Thanksgiving break, but that if they had already written about that, they could just freewrite.

After that, the students presented their CHAT film activity. Overall, I thought all of the students did a really nice job. Not only did they pick interesting films, but I felt that all of them have continued to improve in their understanding of CHAT. While some students had earlier expressed concerns about the usefulness of CHAT, I am hoping that these concerns were laid to rest with this activity, as I emphasized that the students should be researching specific characteristics of the film they chose.

The last thing we did was go over the rubric of project 3. I emaphsized some aspects of it (must be multimodal, must focus on YOU) and then asked the students if they had any questions and, when they didn’t, I let them go a little early.

Ethan Kelly